Maven kursen uppdaterad
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Maven kursen uppdaterad

Maven har i grunden revolutionerat Java världen, med dess införande av standardisering av projekt via konfigurering-via-konventioner, automagisk beroendehantering, generering av en komplett webbplats för teknisk projekt dokumentation med mera.

Denna kurs vänder sig till dig som ska börja i ett Java projekt där man använder Maven som projekt-byggnads-ramverk och snabbt vill komma igång och vara produktiv. Kursen utgår från Maven version 3 och använder moderna versioner av Java och andra verktyg.

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Course and topic introduction and overview

Background and Overview

Inventor and why Maven was created

How to build a Java application

Or, why do we need a build tool?

  • Compiling a single Java file
  • Compiling several Java classes
  • Separation of sources from build output
  • Understanding the class-path
  • Creating a JAR file
  • Brief about the JAR Manifest file
  • Using external libraries
  • What is an Application JAR?
  • Generate documentation
  • Writing unit tests
  • Running unit tests
  • Understand transitive dependencies

Brief about Java Build Tools

  • Ant
  • Maven
  • Ivy
  • Gradle

Maven Fundamentals

The most essential things you need to know regarding Maven


  • Different ways of installing Maven
  • Installing SDKMan
  • Install mvn using sdkman
  • Creating a Hello Maven project
  • Installing Maven Wrapper
  • Using mvn vs. mvnw
  • Configure proxy settings


  • Standardized project layout
  • The POM and its structure
  • Important POM elements
  • Standardized build commands
  • Plugins
  • Plugin goals
  • The Maven build life-cycle
  • Local settings
  • Archetypes
  • Building our demo application using Maven

Building Java Programs

  • Overview of the steps
  • Setting Java options
  • Passing compiler options, not directly supported by the compiler plugin
  • Resources
  • Creating JAR files


  • What is a dependency
  • Understanding the concept artefact repository
  • What is transitive dependency
  • How to search for 3rd party libraries (JARs)
  • Maven coordinates
  • Configuring dependencies
  • Scopes

Maven Usage

Typical use cases when working with Maven powered builds

Unit Tests

  • Setting up test source directories
  • Understand the Surefire plugin
  • Using JUnit 5 as the testing framework
  • Loading resource files from the class path
  • Running tests
  • Suppressing tests

Building Java Applications

  • Making a JAR executable
  • Dealing with dependencies
  • Unpacking using the Dependency plugin
  • Creating bundles with the Assembly plugin
  • Creating an executable Application JAR

Building Web Applications

  • Web app directory structure
  • Web POM
  • Building WAR artefacts
  • Running a WAR file


  • Generate Javadoc for the project
  • Using user-defined java-doc tags
  • Generate a report based on the results of unit tests
  • Generate code coverage reports
  • Generate a source cross-reference
  • Generate standard project reports
  • Generate a PMD report

Using the Site Plugin

  • Directory content
  • Site descriptor
  • Generating a site
  • Reports
  • Report plugins
  • Markup formats for user written pages
  • Providing assets, such as CSS and images

Integration Tests

  • Using the Failsafe plugin
  • Running integration tests
  • Using Spock as the testing framework


  • What is a Java toolchain
  • Using the Toolchain plugin
  • Using standard JDK toolchains
  • Creating a custom toolchain

Multi-Module Projects

How to work with several Maven projects providing separate artefacts for a large application

Understanding a multi-module project

  • The single project artefact principle
  • How it differs from a single-module project
  • Parent POM
  • Child POM
  • Running recursive Maven build commands
  • Module dependencies

More about working with multi-module projects

  • The Flatten plugin
  • The Enforcer plugin
  • Understanding Maven BOM (Bill of Materials)

Java Monorepo

  • What is a monorepo
  • Structure of a multi-module monorepo project
  • Building an API module
  • Building a library module
  • Building a web module
  • Building an application module

Using Maven for Spring Boot

  • What are Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • Using the Spring Initializr
  • Spring dependencies and starter dependencies
  • Spring Boot Fat JAR

Maven Proxy and Repository Servers

How to work with internal repositories

Maven Repositories

  • What is a Maven repository, really?
  • Configuration and settings
  • Common public repositories
  • The local Maven cache
  • Installing JARs to the local cache and why it is useful
  • Using non-standard repositories
  • Mirrors
  • Configure credentials


  • What is a Maven deployment
  • Deploy to cloud Maven repo
  • Configuration

Maven Servers

  • Overview of Maven servers
  • Installation of Nexus
  • Installation of Artifactory
  • Deployment to an in-house Maven server

The Release Plugin

  • The release process
  • Supply chain management
  • Release prepare and perform
  • Release rollback
  • Dry run
  • Build profiles
  • Profile properties

User-Defined Plugins

How to write your own plugin

How to write a simple plugin

  • Understanding Mojo
  • Build and usage
  • Parameters
  • Logging
  • Documentation

Wrapping Up

Overview of the upcoming Maven 4

  • Better support for multi-project builds
  • Improved dependency management
  • Possibility of non-XML POM

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