Frequently Asked Questions
and their Answers

For scheduled classroom courses, we are located in Stockholm City (Östermalmstorg 1).
We have no restrictions regarding the minimum number of participants.
Yes. Our self-developed course material is always written in English, while the oral presentation during an in-house course can be conducted in English or Swedish depending on the participants' wishes. For scheduled courses, we give the oral presentation in Swedish.
Yes. Talk to us what wishes you have and we will put together a proposal and a quote.
No. We charge a standard cost for travel and accommodation, but not for the time the trip takes. The prerequisite, however, is that there are reasonable and efficient means of transport, such as flights or trains to the location of the course.
The course material is always written in English, which is why the course descriptions' table of contents is also in English. Other text in the descriptions, however, we write in Swedish or English depending on the language setting.
Unless otherwise agreed, a scheduled course starts at 09:00 (time zone Europe / Stockholm)
Unless otherwise agreed, the course ends around 16:30 (well, it can sometimes be a slight time overrun)