About Ribomation

What we offer

We offer teacher-led teaching in classrooms or over the internet in programming languages and frameworks for professional software developers. All our courses are developed by ourselves. The course material is always written in English.

How we work

We have a partnership with Regus office hotels, which provide conference and office space on a large scale number of places in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. This means that we have great flexibility in to adapt the teaching to the number and place of the participants.

Which courses we produce

The choice of course subjects and specialization, is based on our own experiences of program development with a certain programming language or specific framework. During a long programming career, you accumulate a large amount insights and experiences. This means that on a course at Ribomation, you usually learn a lot of other things useful as well, which will be useful in your own work to develop software systems.

Choose Swedish or English

The oral presentation can be in Swedish or English, depending on the participants' wishes. Most often we speak swedish in our scheduled courses. This also applies to our distance courses. When you order one company-adapted course, you choose whether the presentation should be in Swedish or English.

Our tech stack

Living as we learn, in English they say eating our own dog food, is important to us. We are constantly monitoring new technology, new solutions, new frameworks, new programming languages. Partly for that it is actually really fun, partly to constantly be one step ahead of ours customers, that is, you who read this. This site is implemented as a jam stack, which means static web pages with SPA functionality generated by a tool and deployed in a CDN. Dynamic back-end functionality is handled by cloud functions and data is stored in a NoSQL JSON document database. Specifically, this website is based on NuxtJS, which is a framework on top Vue.js. The theme is Vuetify. The code for the website is part of a larger GIT monorepo at GitLab. The platform this is operated on is called Firebase and is part of GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

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Jens Riboe, VD / CEO

Jens Riboe

I have been programming since the beginning of the 1980s in a large number of different programming languages and on different platforms. This experience bank is the central component of our courses. Something that makes our customers return years after years for new and in-depth knowledge.