Teacher-led courses online or in classrooms for programmers

A teacher-led distance learning course means that you connect over the internet and meet our teacher and others participants via your computer. You can talk and ask questions to the teacher at any time, just like you sat in the same room.

Online course in action So what is the difference between other forms of online education? Well, just like in a regular classroom you participate in the teaching in real-time and can ask questions, interact with other participants, and get help of the teacher. The only difference, from being in one and the same classroom is that all participants included the teacher himself participates at a distance, via his computer. In other words, there is a big difference from so-called bottled online teaching, where a video recording may have been made several years ago and not updated since then. At Ribomation, you always participate live and gain current knowledge. We always update a course before it starts to ensure that the content is up-to-date and relevant.

Our Three Course Forms


You register for a specific course date and come to us where you participate in the course in our premises, which are centrally located in Stockholm.

Remote participation

You participate via the internet. You can register for a specific course date, or contact us to wish a date that fits better.

Company Custom

We come to you and hold the course in your premises. Alternatively, that we implement it as distance course, or a combination of both.